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Author: ricqstudio

Teenage Sweethearts-By Edward Maroncha

Teenage Sweethearts The other day as I was walking to my house I saw a young couple leisurely taking a walk. They were several steps ahead of me. When I say young I mean like really young-like late teenage, 18 or 19. They probably had just finished high school. If you push it, you could say they were freshers in college. The boy was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a heavy, hooded jumper and a pair of turquoise sneakers. He had black head phones with red marks hanging loosely around his neck. The girl was wearing a pair...

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Kiambu Fashion Week

Be bold Ngugi vere Fashion stylist Ngugi Vere flew to Kenya from South Africa with the aim of putting up a phenomenal fashion show. The rains did not give us an easy time either as the heavens opened up generously but everyone tried their best to work around it. As usual we will let the pictures speak. Tents & Chairs- Eden Bliss Gardens Media- Ricqstudio Runway floor- Pergo Floors Venue- Herisquare Eden Wedding Services Floor Decor Kenya Pergo Floors Heri Square Hotel &...

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